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A Little Bit About Me...

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My life and spiritual path have always been beautifully intertwined.

As a child I can remember the smell of sage burning in our home, playing buffalo hide drums, seeing angels, my mom reading tarot cards, connecting deeply with nature, and could often be found howling at the moon. My spiritual journey has continued to evolve and change as I have. When I turned nineteen I deep dove into my first yoga teacher training (which cracked my heart wide open) and have continued to be an avid student of astrology, reiki, shamanism, reading akashic records, as well as various types of movement such as yoga, pilates, barre, and dancing.

Another main piece to my puzzle has been working with children as a nanny for over a decade. I am honored to have been a part of so many children’s and families' lives. Thinking of each child I got to spend my days with still makes me smile. This work also inspired me to write and publish my own children’s books, as I saw first hand saw what an incredible impact that opening up a great book has on a child's life.

​Travel has also played a huge role in my growth. I have traveled, volunteered, studied, and lived around the world… From doing treks in Patagonia and the Himalayas, to sitting in plant medicine ceremonies and dietas in Peru, to studying Hemingway and dancing salsa in Havana. I have also spent extended periods of time living and becoming part of the community in places dear to my heart such as Australia, and Hawaii.

I now reside in Northern California nestled between mountains and rivers with my beloved partner, and fur babies.You may find me playing the ukulele, dancing, wandering the woods, or learning more about astrology and other healing modalities. You may also find me traveling and assisting retreats/ceremonies around the world!

  • 100-hour Kundalini Teacher Training with Mercy Ananda Yandara Yoga Institute Baja Mexico

  • Akashic Records Level II with Allison Eaton at Yandara Yoga Institute Baja Mexico

  • Reiki Master Certification with Allison Eaton at Yandara Yoga Institute Baja Mexico

  • Student/Paqo of Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado of the Peruvian Andean tradition

  • 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Doron Hanoch in Kathmandu Nepal

  • Pilates Barre Teacher Training with Michelle Cassidy at Essence of Living in Australia

  • 200-hour Vinyasa Teacher Training with Angie Fraley in Reno Nevada

Spiritual and Physical Education

  • Quantum Soul Guidance Practitioner Certification from Julia Balaz Galactic Astrologer

  • Completed courses, workshops, and masterclasses from Astrologers Pam Gregory, Danielle Paige, Kaypacha, Debra Silverman, and Steven Forrest

  • Continually learning through podcasts, workshops, and my mentors

Astrological Education

  • Master's Degree in Business from Bond University, Australia

  • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science From the University of Nevada Reno with a minor in Spanish. Studied abroad in Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Australia

Formal Education

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