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Astrology and Beyond Reading

Why get a reading?

Getting my astrology chart read changed my life... I know that is a bold statement but I wouldn't be doing this work if that wasn't the case. I have had several readings from incredible astrologers who each in their own way that activated a profound truth and triggered a deep remembrance within me. In my experience getting a reading was a sacred and unforgettable experience, and mind bogglingly accurate. The more I study astrology and continue to give readings the more connected I feel to why I am here on earth at this time as well as my connection to the cosmos, to nature, and all beings. Astrology and other healing modalities have helped me to make sense of the cycles and archetypes playing out on earth and beyond. To me reading an astrology chart is the most fascinating and fulfilling puzzle.  I am honored to do this work and truly care about each person and their reading.

Each reading will be meticulously researched, and put together from the heart with utmost integrity. My intention is that the reading is digestible, inspirational, practical, and for your highest good.

What is  an 'Astrology and Beyond Reading'? Each person is unique as is their reading with me. I will be using your astrological birth chart (so I will need your exact birth time, date, and city) I may also use other modalities such as opening up your Akashic records, the Gene keys, Human Design, and tarot/oracle cards. In preparation for the reading I spend around 5-8 hours tuning in to your chart and will also send you a comprehensive written report after our reading of main points that were discussed.

My intention for this reading is that it may be a permission slip for you to live a life that feels deeply aligned and authentic to you! To also give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your gifts, strengths, path to true fulfillment, shadow-work for your growth, and much more. 

Also please specify if you want extra guidance on a certain topic so I can show up for you in a way that is most helpful for YOU at this time. You can add this in the email after you purchase this service  and are sending your birth details by email to me This may include (guidance with your career/purpose, your starseed/galactic connections, relationships, etc.) 

Also if you have already had a reading before and some things may not have been clear please let me know how I can best assist you in this reading!

Duration: 1 hour via Zoom

Cost: $200

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