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Short and Sweet Reading

This reading will be short, sweet, tailored to YOU.

What is it you want to know right now? Are you wondering what the heck is going on? 

For example, maybe you want to know a little bit about… 

  • What your soul's purpose is

  • How an eclipse or full moon is affecting your astrological chart

  • What your galactic/starseed origins are

  • What your spiritual gifts are

  • What are good places for you to travel (astrocartography)

  • How much are you living in alignment to your souls essence

  • If there’s any important astrological transits happening for you

  • The state of your chakras 

These are just some examples/ideas. I am here to help bring clarity!

How will I do this? Through intuitively reading your astrological chart, opening up your akashic records (connecting to the loving quantum field), pulling oracle cards, and tuning into your unique soul frequency/guides. It's ideal for me to have your astrological chart but if you don't have your birth details this reading can still be arranged.


My intention is that you leave this reading feeling empowered and aligned to follow your excitement and highest timeline.

Duration: 30-45 minutes via Zoom

Cost: $77

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