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I love writing for kids…but also for the childlike spirit within us all!

About My Writing

After working with kids for over 10 years as a babysitter/nanny I saw what an incredible impact that opening up a great book has on a child's life.

Since I was a kid I have loved to write, I would grab a blank piece of printer paper put the alphabet on the bottom for rhyming and write about anything from spaghetti to dolphins. Writing was always my favorite activity in school along with learning Spanish. It has been a huge part of my evolution, and it has become such an important part of who I am. An astrologer told me during a reading that writing is going to be a huge part of my life, and career and that I need to do it every day. At that time I didn't fully understand... I do now, and I look forward to sharing more books, poetry, and songs with the world!

Exciting news... I am currently and editing my next children's book!

This book will be silly with lots of different magical creatures, full of rhymes and alliterations with a reminder to embrace our own unique weirdness.

Remember, you've got this.jpg

'Remember, You've Got This!'

Our words are powerful and ‘Remember, You’ve Got This’ came together during a time when I was nannying and I wanted to remind the kids, (and myself) how truly capable they are of doing things that may have felt were impossible, and that failure is a part of the process while we are in pursuit of a life beyond our wildest dreams. This book is full of dreamy illustrations, and inspiring words of encouragement. 

***If you want to buy a signed copy directly from me please email me at

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