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Children's Astrology Chart Reading


1 hour-1.5 hour (2 charts) call via Zoom


$75 | Two siblings for $100 | Parent and Child $125

The intention for this reading is to provide parents with an opportunity to truly understand their child on a holistic level… mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Every child is unique. This reading will discuss their Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars signs to give the parent more clarity and bring awareness to their gifts, challenges, ways of learning, and different paths to joy and fulfillment in life. 


I will also be discussing aspects and information intuitively on a case-to-case basis that is relevant and helpful for a parent to know. 


Working with children as a nanny/babysitter has been one of the most important roles of my life, and I look forward to continuing this line of work assisting families through the lens of astrology and different healing modalities. 


Please feel free to put any additional requests, questions, or specific information that you feel called to share in the booking request.

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