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"There’s something so beautiful about unwrapping the layers of yourself but I’ve found there’s only so much unwrapping I can do myself. To be able find a beautiful soul to help you with this is a unique find and even more rare is to find one that you can trust with teaching you about your children’s precious souls too. Amanda has given me a window into another dimension of myself and my children through her education and passion in astrology. Understanding our born gifts, strengths and challenges that we all have is not just a fun realization but I truly see the ways it can help guide me in my parenting too.

Thank you again Amanda for reading us all!" -Jessica

“My 12 year old son and I had an amazing  reading with Amanda. It was so insightful as it helped me understand things about him, and it helped him understand things about me. We’ve had a smoother relationship since the reading. Amanda is so gifted and lighthearted – my son really felt comfortable with her and understood what she was saying because she’s able to get on a child’s level in a very sweet way. Im truly in awe and thankful.” -Audra

"Amanda has a genuine gift! Her enthusiasm shines throughout the reading. It’s filled with passion, knowledge, and I left feeling so empowered! She has a unique style that truly guided me to see all of my strengths. I can’t wait to continue working with her to help me as I evolve." -Debbie

"I  am glad that I decided to go on an astrological and galactic journey with Amanda, which in the end was combined with a Reiki session. Her professionalism is unparalleled. I saw and felt that what she does is her passion and life mission. She is the best at it! She is incredibly passionate about her field, what a refreshing feeling. Amanda is a warm and caring person, and her love and compassion made me feel like we have known each other for years. She created a beautiful, trusting space where I felt safe and could express myself.She opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. I feel equipped with the best ideas and can't wait to see what the future holds. Amanda gives space for reflection during the session,  she listens and never judges! This is not common these days. In addition to her extensive astrological knowledge, she charmed me with the aspect of galactic travel. The entire meeting can be recorded, adding flexibility. This is very valuable. The ability to return to the consultation later allows you to listen to the session again and reflect. This is important because the amount of information Amanda provides during the conversation is enormous! At the very end of our meeting, Amanda invited me to take part in a Reiki session. Amanda said that Reiki will improve the flow of energy around my body and can enable relaxation, relieve pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. And you know what? Whatever she said happened! A mind-blowing feeling! After our session, I literally felt as if all the problems and bad energy were gone, it was a complete liberation of my soul and physical body from burden and negativity.  A Reiki session with Amanda is a valuable resource for everyone to start cultivating a world where the Inner Garden of Light blossoms in every heart!" -Aneta

"The Astrological reading from Amanda was a key driver for a transition I  made with my massage therapy business. The guidance she delivered was  specific and impactful. I have had other readings before, but Amanda was  able to point out things that no one had ever mentioned. I now have a  long list of focus points that were previously in shadow. I would  readily suggest her to a friend or colleague." -Erica

"Amanda is so personable in her demeanor and you really get the feeling  that she actually cares about your soul’s journey, and is interested in  you and your chart. She gives you a download of all aspects with  thorough attention and she delivers the information with kindness,  intelligence, and an open heart. I have had my chart done for me a  number of times, but with Amanda giving me the information it was like I  was hearing it for the first time, and it really hit home in all new  ways. It’s like she opens a doorway of understanding that previously was  not accessible. I truly enjoyed my reading and found it to be very  helpful— I recommend her highly to anyone who is curious to get their  chart read, or even to those who have had theirs done before. She will  be sure to open you up to something new!" -Jackie

"Amanda read our daughter's chart around 8 months old. I believe  wholeheartedly in the role our universe and solar system play a part in  our development. Amanda did an incredible job breaking down Esme’s  chart, detailing developmental stages, and giving us an insight into her  possible challenges and incredible potential. I received a detailed  document outlining everything and she offered to touch base as Esme grew  to understand her needs in depth as the time comes.  I saw my daughter  in a whole new light after our discussion. This information will only  serve to communicate and parent our daughter unique to her needs! We are  all, in fact, radically unique. Every parent only hopes to reach their  child’s needs with compassion and grace (as much as we can). I can't  wait to watch this fiery Aries baby come into her full potential as she  grows from girl to woman. Thank you Amanda for your incredible talent and insight" -Bridget

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